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We are providing all services with Hallmarking and assaying 


Hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate content of precious metal in gold. Hallmarks are official marks used in many countries as a guarantee of purity or fineness. History of hallmarking dates back to 1300 AD, when a statute of Edward 1 instituted the assaying and hallmarking of precious metals, indeed hallmarking is the oldest form of customer protection. Government of India took the cognizance and understood the necessity of protecting the public in its purchases of gold jewellery, resulting in introduction of gold hallmarking in the country. RBI identified Bureau of Indian Standards as the sole agency to operate hallmarking in India. Accordingly, after in depth study of national and international practices, hallmarking scheme of gold jewellery was launched by BIS on 11 April 2000. .

BIS precious metals sectional committee (MTD 10) has formulated and published the following Indian Standards on Gold and Silver Alloys.

  • IS 1417 Grades of gold and gold alloys,jewellery/Artifacts- Fineness and Marking.
  • IS 2790 Guidelines for Manufacture of 23,22,21,18,14 and 9 Carat gold Alloys.
  • Is 3095 Gold Solders for use in Manufacture of Jewellery
  • IS 2112 Grades of Silver and Silver Alloy, jewellery/Artifacts- Fineness and Marking.
  • Hallmarks are applied by a variety of techniques. Hand punches and bench press are traditional methods, but today items are hallmarked using laser technology which create an impression on article without any bruising or distortion.



We have Well-equipped and established laboratory expertise in testing of Gold and Silver. New methods and continuous professional development of technical personal has put the laboratory at the forefront of analytical technology. The most accurate process for Gold testing is cupellation Fire Assay method (following the IS 1418).Analysis of Silver is by Potentiometric Titration (following IS 2113).


  • We are grown to become India’s largest assaying and hallmarking centerwith Branches all over.
  • We are bound to you in assuring your Quality
  • Credible, accurate and accredited reports from us add confidence and protect buyers and sellers interest.
  • We have well equipped and established laboratory expertise testing of gold and silver.
  • We welcome restrictions of all toxic substances from where they could be detrimental to the health of the customers
  • QAHC Bangalore, Hyderabad & Udupi are recognized by BIS for Silver hall marking


QAHC values its assay laboratories as key to the brand image as a Hallmark of Quality. QAHC is well equipped with state of the art Gold Assay laboratory using XRF for preliminary & Fire Assay cupellation method for Gold testing. For Silver assay it use Potentiometric titration method. QAHC meets national standards both in terms of process as well as quality. QAHMC also has qualified and well-experienced staff for carrying out day to day assaying of gold and silver.. The management and the functioning of the laboratory is practiced in line with ISO/IEC 17025 Quality systems standards.